In the Pale Moonlight

Album cover for The Splinters, In the Pale Moonlight. Depicts fiddle, bass, guitar, and mandolin against a rising moon.

Presenting 10 fresh songs from The Splinters, showcasing their signature groove, harmonies, and instrumental prowess. The album features soulful renditions of bluegrass classics like “I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome” by Bill Monroe/Hank Williams, and the heartfelt “Things in Life” by Don Stover, and energetic old-time fiddle tunes like “Reuben’s Train,” “Greasy Coat,” and “Sally Goodin.” The album concludes with “Swannanoa Waltz” by Rayna Gellert. The band’s second album brings a refined touch to the arrangements and song selection, always staying interesting, bold, and surprising.

Track Listing

  1. I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome (Monroe, Williams) 2:57
  2. Reuben’s Train 4:07
  3. I’ve Endured (Reed) 3:29
  4. East Virginia Blues 4:23
  5. Snowin’ on Raton (Van Zandt) 3:28
  6. Greasy Coat 3:09
  7. Sally Goodin 1:47
  8. Sittin’ on Top of the World 4:27
  9. Things in Life (Stover) 3:32
  10. Swannanoa Waltz (Gellert) 2:58

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About The Splinters

The Splinters, a bluegrass and old-time string band from Massachusetts, deliver a relentless groove to accompany their tight 3-part harmonies. Tom Pritchard (fiddle) brings the heat to his fiery fiddle playing. J Johnson (mandolin) adds a jazzy flair to his breaks. Chris Reckling (guitar, banjo) picks solid rhythm and punchy leads on top of Garrett Wallace’s grooving bass fiddle. A Splinters set veers from straight ahead bluegrass to traditional fiddle tunes and back, with the occasional detour into a modern song.

  • J Johnson – mandolin and vocals
  • Chris Reckling – guitar, banjo and vocals
  • Anne Rouillard – fiddle and vocals
  • Garrett Wallace – bass and vocals

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I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome

Reuben’s Train

I’ve Endured

East Virginia Blues

Snowin’ on Raton

Greasy Coat

Sally Goodin
Sittin’ on Top of the World
Things in Life
Swannanoa Waltz